Siripanna Villa Resport & Spa

Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai
Happiness fulfilled in the Lanna style.

best rate guarantee
best rate guarantee

Panna Spa

The idea to create PANNA comes from a specific lifestyle, which conducted the creators of the project to frequently visit LANNA. Journeys which left a sign: the desire to bring to Chiang Mai a small part of those magnificent lands. This dream was realized with PANNA, “gateway of LANNA”.

PANNA Spa, a destination where you could embrace your experience in all 9 senses to learn the true meaning of culture, art and wellness. Journey back through time as the architecture from the ancient LANNA, you will discover the various cultures inspired treatments using the natural ingredients which is homely grown in our garden or carefully selected to ensure they are the best ingredients. While journey in the spa, you will enjoy with the LANNA cultural art inspired by Thai artists. Our spa design has also incorporated the energy and believes of ancient origin of 9 gems recognized as sacred and royal in almost all countries in Asia.

The spa offers a service with:

  • 5 Thai Massage Beds
  • 2 Double Deluxe Spa Treatment rooms with private steam shower
  • 3 Double Luxury Spa Treatment rooms with private steam shower and bathtub
  • 1 Double Spa Treatment Suite with private steam shower, bathtub and terrace

All rooms are equipped with a private shower, steam room, toilet and personal changing room